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Net Addiction

Do you ever been in this situation; sitting alone in front the computer, simply doing nothing, just staring the monitor for hours admiring your webpage or spending money just for chat and gain nothing worth? Geez.. I think it’s totally wasting time and completely silly. But I did it! I can’t even believe myself, I did it almost 4 years ago. I could spend 10 – 12 hours a day only just surfing to worthless sites or dating gurls and chatting on the net. Net-addiction could be serious problem unless you deal it properly. I mean, internet is the important thing in our life nowadays, but put it into the right dosage. Don’t depend your life on it. A friend of mine, Andrea, told me that people who stucking at internet all times was in terrible loneliness. No actual friends, had no social life in the real world and definitely isolated from surroundings. Ugh.. what a pathetic life.

Anyway, not convinced you are a bona fide addict yet? Try the handy test at the Net Addiction Clinic to asses the scale of your cyber compulsion.

Okay, so what I have done so far today? Nothing particularly happened, just an ordinary life, doing routine. Perhaps it’s so boredom life to the other, however I enjoy my life đŸ™‚ .



Mobile Streetphotography enthusiast.

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